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Vitality™ Plus Careback Mattress

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Won the Hong Kong Doctors of Chiropractic Association (CDAHK) recognized.

Vitality Mattress has temperature-sensitive memony foam softens, compresses and conforms to your shape and weight. During conformation, it reduces pressure points on your body achieving a " Zero Pressure " sleeping pleasure.

Comfort Layer conforms to your shape, relieves pressure points and absorbs partner motions. Dynamic Layer provides firm support and maximise youe comfort.

Whichever sleeping position you find most comfortable, Vitality Mattress adapts to you and gives you personalised body support. It helps decrease the number of toss and turn while sleeping, letting you enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

Passed BS EN1957:2012, ISO14184-1 Formaldehyde content, ISO16000-6: 2011 VOC emissions and USEPA30560B soluble metal content by the International Standards Organization,

proving that No Formaldehyde and No VOC are detected, and the mattress do not contain any heavy metal components.

Available in (inch):  6", 8"


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